Supplier Integration



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Scott Systems will negotiate and work with your suppliers to automate the ordering process. You control the number of items you want to keep on the shelf (allowing for lead times). Each day, your supplier will have access to your needs and prepare his shipments accordingly. Even small vendors can participate by using simple PCs to access your requirements and fill the orders.

The most important thing is that control of the inventory process is returned to you. If prices go up, you can adjust your retail price or remove the item from your store. If prices decrease, you can increase the units you will accept or lower prices for a sale.

Supplier invoices can be generated for you and your supplier based on units received, not units that were supposed to have been received, and put in queue to be paid on its due date. You and your supplier will be instantly notified via e-mail in the instance of a discrepancy.

You decide when to allow suppliers to push products to your stores. Unauthorized inventory can be refused and sent back to the supplier’s warehouse.

Things that you have not been able to accomplish because of logistics and lack of communications are a thing of the past. This puts convenience store management back in the hands of headquarters.

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