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Price Book

The Price Book is actually not one, but a collection of data that makes up the Price Book.


  • Price changes may be executed here, although the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for price changes is the most common form of making price changes.
  • Category Assignment can be affected here. Categories correspond to the old method of using Category Management for bookkeeping entries into legacy systems.
  • Buy Downs effect sales profits and are tracked with each sale.
  • Can Be Ordered flag says this ‘single’ package of Marlboro LT Box 100 cannot be ordered. (See Parent/Child Relationship)
  • The SKU is usually the same as the UPC code; however it can be changed to meet the retailer’s needs.
  • Preferred On Floor allows the operator to set the re-order trigger for an item.
  • Floor On-Hand - The number of single packages of the item on the sales floor.
  • Active Flag Supplier - If the supplier discontinues this item, the supplier can set this flag remotely to prevent the item being ordered in the future. (Works with Supplier Discontinue Date (see below).
  • Units on Order - Changes as the Preferred on Floor is compared to the Floor-On-Hand.
  • Tax Code - Relates to tax code tables in the POS system,
  • Active Flag Retailer flag - If turned off, temporarily prevents the supplier from “pushing” the item to the store.
  • Push Product Authorization flag - If set, allows the supplier to push this product to the store without an order being transmitted or accessed by the supplier. 


  • Average Unit Cost (Weighted) - The average unit cost of the item in this store. Simple calculation made by the computer when inventory is received. If you had 200 packages on hand with an average cost of $2.5089 and you receive another 200 packages at $2.69 each, the new weighted average cost is calculated as: ((Units On Hand * Current Average Cost) + (Units Received * New Cost))/Total Units. Using the figures above and below ((175*$2.6447)+(200*$2.69))/(175+200) = New Average Cost $2.66886. This is a much more accurate way of determine the cost of sales as the sales occur.
  • Adjusted Units - The number of units adjusted during the audit processes.
  • Discontinue Date - The date (if applicable) when the supplier will be notified that the item will be discontinued in this store.
  • Discontinue Flag - Set when the discontinue date is reach which triggers an event to inform the supplier that this store is no longer accepting this item if delivered.


  • Received Units - The number of units received at this store during a specified period.
  • Percent Markup - A floating calculation made by the system to track the current markup for a particular item.
  • Percent Profit - The current profit percentage (including Buy-Downs).
  • Units Staged for Transfer, Store Transfer To, and Units Received from Transfers from other stores.


  • Promotion Price (Cost) Start and End Dates (Set by Supplier)
  • Amount of Promotional Price between dates specified.
  • Supplier Discontinue Dates - Notifies store when this item will be discontinued. (Also sets Supplier Discontinue Flag when date reached).


  • Screen to set Low, Mid and High Season periods. System will effect retail prices automatically when dates are reach. This feature works in addition to date range retail price changes (Ex - 2007/11/01, 9:45 a.m. - 2007/11/01, 12:30 p.m.)


Item History Inquiry - Real-time analysis and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere. Day’s left is used to determine how long items will last before the next delivery. Includes parent and all children. (Ex. - Individual packages and cartons, cases and cans, boxes and singles, etc.) The parent/child relationship on this particular page specifies the size and On Order amounts for each.


  • The Parent/Child relationship screen determines the relationship between identical items in varying sizes


  • When expanded (below) the store operator or the supplier may set:
    • The Can Order Flag
    • The Active Flag
    • The supplier cost
    • The Minimum Order - (Ex - If the supplier allows split cases, the re-order processes will determine whether an entire case case can be re-ordered.


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