Inventory is received in the store with hand-held data terminals. The invoices may be called up by the store manager to edit and receive into the host computer.


Simply double-click an invoice to expose it contents:


Parent/Child relationships are display and can be edited or added by the operator. For example, on the right hand side of the screen, the operator can enter or scan the UPC code of a parent or a child and establish the relationship here. Let’s say that a box of Snickers was scanned, but did not have a relationship to a child item (a single Snickers). To establish a parent/child relationship, the operator would use the right hand panel to scan the single item, and then drag the item to the parent and that’s it. All parent child relationships immediately become accessible to everyone using our host machine. By doing this for several years, we have already identified and made available all common parent child relationships of items sold in a convenience store. New items, never introduced to the system may be added here as well.